Diver Strength Flexibility

Strength-Flexibility for Diver Fitness

When divers think of functional levels of flexibility, there’s a high degree of certainty that they will emphasize the range of motion of their shoulders. For divers whose gear configurations demand reaching behind the head is a serious topic as it could mean the difference between life and death. And thus, they follow the most…

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Can't Handle It!

3 Tips for an Awesomely Fit Diver: Don’t Be a Hammer

Three times is the charm and I hope the articles have given you new insight and made your fitness journey more productive. Today’s tip focuses beyond the purely physical aspect of fitness and addresses a topic that may be preventing us from achieving our goals. It has nothing to do with food groups but rather,…

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3 Tips for an Awesomely Fit Diver: Pay Attention

I hope the tip in the previous installment helped you gain a different perspective and contributed to your philosophy for better results in your fitness program. Today’s tip focuses on a widely accepted exercise floor approach. While unintentional, it often prevents us from achieving the full benefits and results we should be getting from our…

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3 Tips for an Awesomely Fit Diver: Strength First

Hey fellow divers! I hope you are having an amazing time enjoying the underwater realm and staying safe. At this point, I’m sure you’re a big believer that the proper level of physical fitness can only enhance our diving experience and our safety margin. With this in mind, I have 3 tips addressing some of…

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Shaping Up for Diving: Lower Body, Upper Body, and Endurance

Part 3 of 3 Lower Body Conditioning for Diving It is your lower body that propels you under the water. A scuba diver using his arms to move is a tell-tale sign of a novice, someone still grasping the basics (the exception being of course, the handicapped scuba divers). Your lower body must have the…

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Shaping Up for Diving: The Guidelines

Part 2 of 3 The Shape-up for diving guidelines One more thing. All the skills are tested usually in one day, which could extend to up to two hours of continuous activity. Also, the diving gear is heavy. It is designed to be neutrally buoyant under water, but to get there, you have to haul…

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Fit for Diving

The Shape-Up for Diving Guidelines: What Should You Expect?

Part 1 of 3 Can you still recall what your first glimpse of the underwater world was like? Perhaps you saw a fish, maybe two or more. Perhaps you saw the bottom, a couple of things growing here and there. Was that not an overwhelming feeling? You were wearing your first mask, possibly a snorkel,…

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Cold Water Diving and Fitness: Where the Confusion Happens

This article is the continuation of this previous installment Where confusion ensues Since this article is about diver fitness, I will leave the skill development aspect to others more qualified than I am. I will focus instead on the fitness issues causing the most confusion in the diving community. Many Divers forget the on-land demands…

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Cold Water Diving and Fitness: What’s the Big Deal?

My fellow divers are some of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. They are always looking for information and ways to help them improve as divers, and the fitness department is no exception. I repeatedly get asked about the best way to get in shape for diving to reduce gas consumption and be more…

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