Here are the books and programs I have put together with the scuba diver in mind. Some are ready, some are works in progress, but they will equally benefit you. The books will take you to my author page where you’ll find a more detailed description and where to get them. The program(s) will take you to the program site. Enjoy!

Scuba Diving Fitness: The Fit And Healthy Diver Manifesto. The Ugly Truth of Fitness in Scuba Diving

What is a manifesto supposed to be like? It depends but one thing is for sure, it’s loaded with personal views, many expressed in a rather explosive tone. Because of this, many find the content offensive even when no expletives are used. This book is no exception and my tone is more stern than usual. Some folks need to hear the facts in their raw context, where reason and logic have no effect. It is the only way to get their attention and divert it to more constructive means. I cannot tell you how it bothers me that mediocrity and conformism have been pampered under the guise of self-acceptance and political correctness. How for too long it’s been acceptable for divers to concoct excuses and accept inferior fitness. I unmask these misguided, damaging, and over-entitled mantras without regret.

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Scuba Diving Fitness: The Missing Component Extortion, Bribes, And Shysters Cannot Get You

A solid foundation is crucial for the success of any endeavor and divers know this well. Unfortunately, when it comes to health and fitness, most people have little idea of what a solid foundation is. Good intentions and plans are excellent, but useless – and occasionally harmful – if done under the misguidance of a poor foundation.

The book focuses on the largely ignored but irreplaceable foundation of preparing the mindset and its role in making your goals come to fruition. Many make the mistake of seeing it only as an emotional component, and erroneously believe that it is exercise or diet what creates lasting results.

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Kettlebells For A Fit Diver

Between the obligations of life and off-gassing, scuba divers have a small time window for their fitness. Unfortunately, many don’t know how to maximize it and find only frustration. That’s why Kettlebells For A Fit Diver came to existence. Now in its second edition, it has been showing divers that superb diver fitness can be achieved with only:

  • A kettlebell.
  • A space without obstructions.
  • About 3 hours per week.
  • The desire for permanent changes.

That’s it! Kettlebells have reclaimed their place in mainstream fitness for one undeniable fact: They work!

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The Fit and Healthy Diver Project

This is my opportunity to be your guide and coach:

  • I’ll help you bust through the seven stickiest points in all exercise programs.
  • I’ll show you 3 simple strategies to help you create good habits.
  • I’ll meet with you and other like-minded divers at least once per month via
    online coaching sessions.
  • I will provide you with exclusive and mind-blowing content.

And much more!

This is a very exclusive coaching program. It’s reserved for those who had enough with the lack of result and are ready to break plateaus. I await your visit and the opportunity to show you how much you can accomplish!

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