The salt water has always been an integral part of my life. I grew up close to the Pacific Ocean, a mere fifteen minute walk to the beach, where I would spend all of my summer days. My first set of mask, fins, and snorkel is the gift I remember and cherish the most. Even when I was occupied with homework and classes during the school year, I would sneak out to the beach, to get a glimpse of the magnificent ocean and dream of the upcoming summer, where I’d get reacquainted with the water and its critters.

I could not get enough of the Sea Hunt show, and Cousteau documentaries were always a welcome treat. I grew up reading books on divers and marine life. I fulfilled my dream of becoming a scuba diver in January 2004, and I’m grateful for how it has enriched my life.

My love for scuba diving took me to diverse areas like the Mexican Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Bonaire, Roatan, Florida, New Jersey, and The Pacific Northwest. Fresh or Salt water, it is always fun. I am privileged to call the Pacific Northwest my home now, where I live with my wife and our rambunctious cats and bird. The diving in the local waters is magnificent and I have had the privilege to be under the tutelage of incredibly talented divers to hone my skills.

As you are guessing, the other aspect of my life is my passion and dedication to the health, fitness, and strength fields as a coach, pain therapist, and educator. In my over two decades of experience, I have amassed extensive evolving education to help my clients achieve what they did not know was possible.

My philosophy is one of truth and integration. I sincerely believe all modalities have something unique to offer and can be useful when applied at the right time and context. I am also a big believer of seeking the truth and not sticking to a school or agenda, and to share my findings with others.

The results have been outstanding results and I enjoyed a loyal following in the Northeast and now in the Pacific Northwest, where my wife and I relocated in 2008.  I have contributed to the field through articles in popular fitness magazines and diving publications.

I have also designed my own curriculum of courses in the areas of health, fitness, biomechanics, and self-care.  And I owe it all to you. My gratitude for your presence knows no limits. Without your support and voice, I would not have been able to grow as a professional. To make a difference in your life, to help you discover the joy of living a fit and pain-free life, that’s my mission. I look forward to continue serving you.

Happy Training and Safe Diving!